TEXAS HB 2474 (SB 547)


TEXAS HB 2474 (SB 547) is a bill relating to requirements for and the transparency of epidemiological reports and immunization exemption information and reports. The bill would require the department to produce epidemiological reports of disease outbreaks and of individual cases of disease suspected or known to be of importance to the public health, including vaccine preventable diseases. Evaluation of these the reports will help determine the trends involved and the nature and magnitude of hazards. It would also require a report of outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases in the state and de-identified (confidential) immunization exemption information, including the number of people claiming an exemption from the immunization requirements.
See full committee report and see amendments.


HB 2474 passed the house on 5/2/15 and will now be passed to the Senate! Find your state senator and tell them that you support HB 2474(SB 574) today!


Parents want to be informed on the risks of preventable disease facing our children when we send them to school. Knowing the vaccine exemption rates in our state is important information to parents.

Having access to confidential epidemiological reports helps protect public health and gives our state the information we need to identify and respond to trends before an outbreak occurs.